E-mobility is a system that consists of electric vehicles and the infrastructure for their charging, as well the information systems that connect them into a functional whole. Thanks to the characteristics of electric vehicles, such as improved energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional vehicles, e-mobility is considered one of the key components of a long-term energy transition. The synergies between the transport and energy systems represent significant potential in terms of achieving the goals of energy strategies. The long-term experience of the EIHP in energy planning and expert analysis in the transport sector is the basis for integral analysis related to e-mobility, which includes strategic, technical, economic, and legal-organizational aspects.

Our services

Development of strategic documents (national, regional, or local e-mobility development strategies)

Consulting in infrastructure planning for electric vehicles

Analysis of the relevant legislative framework

Preparation of cost-benefit analysis (from the aspect of the state, users, service providers)

Analysis of market and business models

Analysis of the impact of e-mobility development on the electricity system