Energy institute HRVOJE POŽAR


"Modernization of electric power infrastructure in the region"

The countries in the region have a lot of work to do to modernize the electric power network, especially when the integration of renewable energy sources is taken into account, said the panel "Modernization of electric power infrastructure in the region," which was held as part of the regional energy summit "Green Plan in the Energy Sector." Poslovni dnevnik organized the event.

In the panel discussion participated Ph.D. Dražen Balić from the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, head of the Department for Energy Generation and Energy Markets, who pointed out that the region is characterized by many relatively small power systems that are well connected. As for the challenges, he noted that they are both technical and administrative. Technically, they relate to the possibility of integrating renewable energy sources and, administratively, to the still difficult connection to the grid and putting the power plant into operation.

Speaking about decarbonization, he emphasized that the most effective way of decarbonization would be the electrification of the system. However, all modernization projects are standing. "There is no reason for that because, thanks to European funds, we have the means of financing," said Balić, pointing out that it is necessary to adequately prepare the projects so that they can be implemented administratively and that they can apply.

The entire report is available on the website of Poslovni dnevnik.


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