Renewable energy sources, climate and environmental protection

Renewable energy plays a vital role in Europe's efforts to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and is the basis of a low-carbon future. Renewables are a key to long-term efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and will play an increasing role in improving the EU's overall energy security.

Through technical and economic consultation with the public and private sectors in renewable energy and environmental protection, we support the development and implementation of projects from an idea to the realization. We are guided by the needs of our clients and use a wide range of specialized services, such as research and analysis of energy potential, optimal use of renewable energy sources, technical and economic analysis, and the impact of energy plants on the environment.

The Institute has significant experience in the field of climate change mitigation, working on the analysis of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, analysis of carbon capture and storage, preparation of strategic documents for climate change mitigation, preparation of climate change adaptation plans for urban areas, analysis of climate change regulations, analysis of national and regional carbon pricing systems (including the EU Emissions Trading Scheme), and the calculation and reduction of organizations' carbon footprint. The Institute regularly calculates greenhouse gas emissions from energy sources.

Our services

Research and assessment of the energy potential of specific renewable energy sources

Measuring available resources, researching and assessing the energy potential of renewable energy sources

Selection and assessment of locations for RES plants

Development of feasibility studies with technical solutions

Technical support during the development of RES projects

Due diligence of projects before the closing of financing or in the process of taking over, and advising on buying or selling

Market analysis and research and assessment and forecasting for the public and commercial sectors

Assessment of the impact of power plants on the environment

Development of studies and bases in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation and development of a model for financing climate change mitigation and adaptation

Advising on the choice of technology and project solution