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The kick-off meeting of the ZEB4ZEN project

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) organized the kick-off meeting of the ZEB4ZEN project (Zero energy buildings for zero energy neighbourhoods) on April 26 and 27, which was attended by the partners of the countries participating in the project.

On the first day of the visit, the project was presented, as were the consortium members, and presentations were held on project implementation and management, project communication, reporting, and financing. They also talked about the energy flows of the neighborhood and the preservation of cultural and historical heritage.

The kick-off meeting continued the next day in Karlovac, where the previous projects implemented by that city were presented. Also, a field tour of locations and a visit to the hydroelectric power plant in Ozalj were organized.

Source: City of Karlovac

In the City of Karlovac, through planned project activities, the integration of renewable energy sources will be carried out in or around the city districts, battery systems will be installed, and, in general, work will be done on the digitization of energy systems through smart solutions, all to bring modern solutions closer to citizens. The project identifies and explores the possibilities of how to revitalize and modernize cultural heritage; that is, it combines historical heritage and modern technologies that will result in concrete plans with the aim of cultural assets reaching the energy and climate goals of the European Union.


The ZEB4ZEN project officially started on April 1, 2023. Seven project partners from four Central European countries, and many associated partners, will implement the project for the next three years..

ZEB4ZEN was born from the idea of EIHP to combine the energy transition towards a low-carbon society with the protection of historic architectural heritage. The goal is to develop a methodology for energetically renovating entire neighborhoods and to define action plans for the transformation of city districts into neighbourhoods with almost zero energy consumption by 2050, based on the experience of pilot investments in the well-known city centers of Palmanova (Italy), Zamość (Poland) and Karlovac (Croatia).

The grant award agreement was concluded between the City of Vienna as the managing body of the Interreg Central Europe program and the Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute (EIHP) as the leading partner (project manager). The project's total value is EUR 2,041,426.00, while the amount of co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is EUR 1,633,140.80. The project leader is Matija Vajdić from EIHP.

Read more about the project HERE.


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