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Training program for nZEB training center

Are you interested in (energy) renovation of buildings, nZEB standard, or ZEN concept? Study our training program with which we open the doors of the nZEB training center, which we designed with colleagues from the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

The training center is a program for educating experts in construction on technical standards and regulatory and administrative requirements for almost zero-energy buildings. Applications for the training will open in June this year, and the training program will start in the fall. The training is divided into eight one-day modules, which are led by experts from EIHP and the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

The modules will contain basic information on the chosen topic, a series of experiences from implemented projects and practical work for the participants. The main modules are related to concepts, strategies and preparation of nZEB projects, energy modelling and energy supply systems in nZEB buildings, improving the resistance and vulnerability of buildings to earthquakes and nZEN energy self-sufficient neighbourhood.

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