Power grid planning and development

New production facilities based on renewable energy sources are crucial for decarbonization of energy systems and security of energy supply. The number and spatial dispersion of new production facilities significantly differ from what the power grid was initially designed for. Therefore, in order to accept a large number of new energy sources, it is necessary to upgrade the existing networks and thereby ensure the reliable evacuation of the entire production and the security of the supply of all customers.

We are involved in regional planning, development, and analysis of transmission and distribution networks in Southeast Europe and beyond, as well as analysis of the possibilities of connecting new users and their impact to the network, especially renewable energy sources, including distributed sources. The scope of our work includes analyses of the influence of the electricity market on the operation of the power system, static and dynamic analyzes of the power system, and determination and management of operational limitations of the system.

Technical analyses are carried out using the licensed, globally most relevant software tools: PSS/E, NEPLAN, PRAO, and DigSilent.

Our services

Developing plans for energy, gas, oil and heat systems

Development of energy system master plans

Preparation of feasibility studies for the construction of power plants, optimization of the operation of parts or the entire energy system

Estimation of possible production outcome of power plants, analysis of power supply quality, safety and reliability of power systems operation

Preparation of techno-economic analysis of the effects of the installation of various equipment in energy systems

Preparation of studies and study of the connection of network users at all voltage levels

Development of energy regulations

Technical, economic and regulatory analyses of the impact of new network users on the energy system