Energy production and markets

The functioning of modern energy systems is based on market principles, both in Europe and worldwide. In this context, energy production facilities are an essential element that must meet energy needs in a reliable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally sound way, while energy markets must be organized to ensure the transparent and timely availability of energy produced to consumers.

EIHP responds to challenges related to integrating the new production plants (hydropower, RES, thermal power plants, battery systems, electrolyzers for hydrogen production) into the power system and optimizing energy system management and construction based on developed mathematical models and calculations. The analysis results indicate to clients the possibilities of market positioning, comparative advantages, distribution of revenue sources and expenditure items, and the possible optimization of business. The analyses are conducted as part of the development of national/regional/local energy strategies and improvement of the legal framework, but also as part of projects for economic entities.

For long-term energy system planning, we use internationally recognized simulation models such as PLEXOS, MESSAGE, and WASP, while for electricity market analyses, we use PLEXOS and Antares models.

Our services

Development of business strategies and decision-making analysis

Preparation of feasibility studies for facilities and systems for energy production, especially hydropower and thermal power plants

Preparation of market analyses and projections of the development of market indicators based on developed regional energy models

Technical in-depth analysis of production plants