EIHP EIHP operates in accordance with the following regulations:


Constitution of the Republic of Croatia (NN 85/10)

Law on the Right to Access Information (NN 25/13, 85/15)

General Administrative Procedure Act (NN 47/09)

Personal Data Protection Act (NN 106/12)

Law on Institutions  (NN 76/93, 29/97, 47/99, 35/08, 112/19)

Labor Act (NN 93/14, 127/17, 98/19)

Occupational Safety and Health Act (NN 71/14, 118/14, 154/14, 94/18, 96/18)

Fire Protection Act (NN 92/10)

Data Secrecy Protection Act (NN  108/96)

Act on Accessibility of Websites and Software Solutions for Mobile Devices of Public Sector Bodies (NN 17/19)

Criteria for determining the compensation of actual material costs and costs of information delivery (NN 12/14, 15/14)

Ordinance on the structure, content, and manner of keeping the official register on exercising the right to access information and re-use information (NN 83/14)

Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) EU L119 in force since 25.05.2018. Law on Administrative Disputes  (NN 20/10, 143/12, 152/14, 94/16, 29/17)

Copyright and Related Rights Act (NN 111/2021)

Law on Scientific Activity and Higher Education (NN 119/22)


Decree on the transformation of the Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute into an institution (NN 52/03)

Uredba o izmjenama Uredbe o preoblikovanju Energetskog instituta “Hrvoje Požar” u ustanovu (NN 110/2011)

Uredba o dopunama Uredbe o preoblikovanju Energetskog instituta Hrvoje Požar u ustanovu (NN 96/2013)

EIHP Statute

Rules of Procedure of the EIHP Management Council

EIHP Code of Business Secret

Work regulations

Rulebook on Amendments to the Work Rulebook

Regulation on Changes and Amendments of the Regulation on Labor

Rulebook on internal organization and systematization of jobs

Ethical codex

Gender Equality Plan

Ordinance on the implementation of simple procurement procedures

Ethics Committee

Decision on the appointment of a person for irregularities and confidential persons

Rules of Procedure of the Scientific Council

EIHP Strategic Plan 2021-2023