Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency measures are recognized in the EU as a way to achieve sustainable energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the security of supply and reduce import costs, and increase EU competitiveness. That is one of the reasons why energy efficiency is a strategic priority and why the EU promotes the principle of energy efficiency in the first place.

The Institute provides professional support in the planning and implementation of energy efficiency policy at the national and local levels and the adjustment of the legislative and regulatory framework to EU requirements in the field of energy efficiency. Our experts are engaged in developing methods for the assessment of energy savings and systems for monitoring, measuring, and verifying energy savings. We conduct analyses and verifications of energy savings achieved both through the system of energy efficiency obligations and through alternative policy measures. Our primary research topics are energy efficiency in buildings, green and digital transformation of the building stock towards low-energy (nZEB), smart solutions, and the role of buildings as active participants in the energy system and market.

EIHP is certified by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property and the Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development to conduct energy audits and energy certification of buildings, energy audits of large companies, control energy certificates, and train certified persons in this area. Also, the Institute is licensed to prepare studies on energy savings.

Our services

Assessment of energy efficiency potential in all sectors of direct energy consumption

Development of techno-economic analyses and evaluation of broader effects of improved energy efficiency

Advising national and local authorities in developing incentive legislative, institutional, and financial frameworks for energy efficiency improvements

Expert support in the preparation of national and local strategies, programs, and action plans to improve energy efficiency

Energy audits of buildings, public lighting, and industrial plants

Professional training and development and other educational activities in the field of energy efficiency, tailored to the needs of our clients