About Us

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) is an institution owned by the Republic of Croatia whose activity includes the implementation of scientific research in the field of energy, the provision of professional support to public authorities, and advisory services in the domestic and international markets.

Although it is state-owned, the Institute is not financed from the state budget but on the basis of individual contracts.

The institute has 84 employees, of which 80 have a university degree, 19 have a Ph.D, and 6 employees are currently on the Ph.D. program.

The energy system growth and the relations within them require the knowledge and inclusion of everyone in the energy sector and state administration. Education and informing are significant activities, and they demand continuous training of experts and active participation in the education of others. The Institut carries out its mission, associated with numerous scientists and institutions from Croatia, to take on a leading role in the energetic field in Croatia and abroad.

Director of the Institute

Dražen Jakšić

"Our staff consists of top experts dedicated to their work, collegial, ambitious and proactive."

Department heads

Department heads

Department for Energy and Climate Planning

Robert Fabek

Department for Energy Transmission and Distribution

Goran Majstrović

Department for Renewable Energy, Climate and Environmental Protection


Department for Energy Generation and Energy Markets

Department for Energy Regulations and Economics

Jurica Brajković

Department for Energy Efficiency

Vesna Bukarica, PhD

Areas of activity

Energy balance and statistics

Energy production and markets

Renewable energy, climate and environmental protection


Energy and climate planning

Power grid planning and development

Energy regulations and economics

Energy efficiency

Historical overview

The idea of establishing the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar resulted as an answer to the necessity for a non-profit institution that would serve as professional support to state institutions and companies operating in the energy sector.
The Institute was founded, by a decision of the Supervisory Board of the Croatian Power Utility (HEP), as a limited liability company. Dr. Sc. Goran Granić became the first director. Also, one of the founders was Dr. Sc. Ivo Hrs.

The Government of the Republic of Croatia and oil and gas Industry INA become the founders, with equal management rights.

The founding rights of HEP and INA transferred to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, which then determines the Institute's mission and includes professional and scientific support to the Energy Regulatory Council.

The institute was transformed into an institution owned by the Republic of Croatia.