The LEAPto11 project aims to support European Member States during the transposition and rollout phase of the new article 11 of the EED recast through a joint action of cooperation of their respective National Energy Agencies.

The project main goal is to contribute to a comprehensive improvement of the quality framework for Energy audits and Energy management systems (EnMs) through the evaluation, update, upgrade and optimisation of current national programmes.

The project will also investigate other parts of the Recast EED dealing with energy savings in the business sector, to promote synergies among energy audits, EnMS, Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes and alternative measures, information programmes.

Such goal will be reached through the following specific objectives:

• Improving the effectiveness of National programmes for a better data management and Key Performance Indicators production, with benefits for the Public and the Private sector.

• Supporting Ministries, Business actors (business associations, networks), auditors and National Agencies during the art.11 transposition with data-driven and knowledge-based high-level policy advice, to get all stakeholders ready when National legislations will enter in force.

• Spreading the culture, use and uptake of Standards and Protocols to increase the implementation of the energy efficiency measures recommended in audits and EnMS.

DURATION OF THE PROJECT: 1. 2. 2024. – 31. 1. 2027.

TOTAL VALUE: 1.775.291 €

EU CO-FINANCING: 1.686.526 €

COORDINATOR BENEFICIARY: ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies (Italy)

PARTNERS: PARTNERS: Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (Croatia), ADENE – Energy Agency (Portugal), CRES – Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (Greece), DENA – German Energy Agency (Germany), Energy and Water Agency (Malta), Lithuanian Energy Agency (Lithuania), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (Netherlands), SEAI – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (Ireland), Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (Slovakia), REVOLVE Planet (Belgium)