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Even expensive measures and investments in the green transition will pay off many times over in the future

Croatia is on its way to achieving climate neutrality. But, like other countries, we still have a good part of the way to the final goal. Climate neutrality encompasses several areas, such as the complete reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental protection. For further development, it will be necessary to ensure sufficient energy, which should come from renewable sources. Andro Bačan, head of the Department for Renewable Energy, Climate and Environmental Protection at EIHP, points this out in an interview with A1 Hrvatska and their project LIFE4GREENBROADBAND launched to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in the electronic communication network in Croatia.

In principle, he adds, we meet the goals of achieving the share of renewable energy sources. However, we must not be satisfied with small increases on an annual level. Still, it is necessary to invest additional efforts in increasing the use of renewable sources, especially in the heating and cooling and transport sectors where we do not meet the goal. The transport sector has the most significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also, Bačan points out that it is crucial to speed up and further implement energy efficiency measures, especially the renovation of the stock of residential buildings, use of energy-efficient devices, etc.

You can read the entire interview HERE.


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