Energy institute HRVOJE POŽAR


The Kosovo delegation visited the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

On Thursday, June 19, 2024, the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar was visited by a Kosovo delegation consisting of representatives of the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF), GIZ Kosovo, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Kosovo, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Kosovo and the Association municipality.

As part of its study trip, the Kosovo delegation visited several institutions in Croatia, among which was EIHP, and the reason was to transfer experiences in the field of energy efficiency, exchange good practices and knowledge, and opportunities for cooperation.

Dr. sc. Vesna Bukarica, PhD and Margareta Zidar presented the work of EIHP, especially the project for the establishment of the nZEB training center and the experience from the renovation of the EIHP office building. In the end, we toured our building with the delegation from Kosovo and showed them first-hand what we had done.

This visit represents an important step in strengthening cooperation and improving energy efficiency in the region, as well as an important step for the nZEB project itself, whose main goal is the transfer of knowledge.


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