Energy institute HRVOJE POŽAR


Scientific articles published within the DIS4CEPP project

In the journals Sustainability, Energies and Journal of Energies three scientific articles were published within the framework of the research project financed by EU funds: "Development of an integrated solution for strategic long-term planning of climate and energy policy and creation of joint climate and energy plans" (DIS4CEPP), number grant KK. The project leader is Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP).

The articles are presented below:

Development of a Spatial Tier 2 Emission Inventory for Agricultural Tractors by Combining Two Large-Scale Datasets”: Šimun Lončarević, Petar Ilinčić, Goran Šagi, Zoran Lulić

Unlocking the Value of Aggregated Demand Response: A Survey of European Electricity Markets”: Maja Božičević Vrhovčak, Bruno Malbašić

“Assessing the Scale of the Radioactive Waste Management Problem: A Review of European Union and International Reporting”: Zdenko Šimić


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