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EIHP presented the results of the LABEL 2020 project and the brochure "Energy Saving Tips"

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) presented the results of the LABEL 2020 project, which ends this month, and the "Tips for saving energy" brochure, which provides tips for saving in households.

At the media conference, project leader Marko Bišćan presented the results in the form of materials and tools that were created for citizens to help them navigate the changes related to changing the energy labels of household appliances, but also to find many tips for saving energy.

On that occasion, he stated: "The brochure with tips for household savings provides information to citizens on how to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the same level of comfort they are used to. What needs to be noted is that all of the above depends on the citizens and their goodwill, desire for change, and necessary behavioral changes. If we implement some of the tips now, we will mitigate the negative consequences in the future, especially if energy prices continue to rise. By the way, world experience shows that with good energy management, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by between 10 and 20%," said Bišćan.


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