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Zdenko Šimić, PhD, elected to the scientific teaching position of full professor - permanent

Prof. Ph.D. Zdenko Šimić, a member of HRO CIGRE, was elected to the scientific-teaching position of full professor - permanent.

Zdenko Šimić was born on July 28, 1964. in Osijek, where he finished primary and secondary school. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF today, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, FER) in Zagreb in 1988, a master's degree in 1994, and a doctorate in 2001 (on the topic "Probabilistic analysis of operating states of a nuclear power plant"). He was elected to the titular title of full professor in 2017 and to the scientific title of scientific adviser in the permanent title of 2022.

Since February 1989, he has been working at the Institute for High Voltage and Energetics of FER, where he participates in the creation of probabilistic energy security analyses and research and projects of the Ministry of Science. In September 1992, he was elected to the scientific-teaching position of assistant for the subject group Electrical plants, and on June 26, 2001, to the scientific-teaching position of senior assistant for the same subject group. On May 18, 2004, at the ETF in Osijek, he was elected to the titular scientific title of assistant professor (at the FER in Zagreb on February 15, 2006) for the scientific field of Technical Sciences, the scientific field of electrical engineering, the scientific branch of electrical energy.

Until August 2015, he worked at FER as an associate professor (elected in 2010), where he participated in teaching the following subjects: (undergraduate study) Energy Technologies, Environment and Sustainable Development, (graduate study) Energy Conversions, Renewable Sources and advanced technologies, reliability and availability calculation methods, risk assessments and (doctoral study) probabilistic assessment of technological risks and availability of electric power subsystems. He is a mentor and lecturer on doctoral studies as an external associate. He currently works as a leading researcher at the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar in the field of energy and climate planning.

He spent two years as a visiting scientist at the European Commission Joint Research Center (EC JRC) in the Netherlands. From 2015 to 2021, he worked at the EC JRC in the Netherlands as a researcher in the field of nuclear safety. He spent two extended stays in the USA: from 1995, as a scholarship holder of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for three years at Yankee Atomic Electric Co. on doctoral training, and from the end of 2001, a total of 18 months in the companies Duke Engineering and Services and Framatome-ANP on post-doctoral training. In the USA, he developed reliability models and solutions for determining the safety of operating states of nuclear power plants.

His area of ​​research interest includes: the use of nuclear energy and renewable energy sources; technological risk analyses; the risk of climate change and energy transformation; optimizing safety and economy for technological plants.

He is a member of several domestic (HRO CIGRE and HND) and international (SRA, ANS, ENS, and IEEE) professional societies. For several years, he chaired the power engineering and reliability departments of the Croatian IEEE section. He was included in the Distinguished Lecturer program of the IEEE Power Energy Society. He was the president of the Croatian Nuclear Society, a member of the technical committee of the Croatian Institute for Standards HZN/TO E 56 – Reliability, a member of the executive committee of the HAZU Scientific Council for Energy and the IEEE Nuclear Power Engineering Committee; member of the Research and International Cooperation Committee of the FER Faculty Council. He is publicly active in discussions and lectures on socially relevant issues in the energy industry.

So far, he has published over a hundred scientific and professional works. He was a reviewer of scientific papers (in 2014, he received the Reviewer Award from the magazine Renewable Energy, Elsevier), leader, and member of the program committee of several international and domestic gatherings and conferences.


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