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"With joint forces, we can ensure a sustainable future"

Izvor: Croatia GBC

At the fifth consecutive Central Conference on Sustainable Construction, organized by the Croatian Green Building Council (Croatia GBC) on November 24, 2022, at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb, key national and guest international stakeholders from the fields of sustainable construction and energy efficiency gathered and green economy.

The conference on sustainable construction is an ideal opportunity for unifying and harmonizing the innovations and perspectives of all stakeholders related to the construction sector who are moving in sync in the direction of regulating, organizing, planning, designing and constructing buildings with a reduced negative impact on the environment, increased economic value and a higher degree of pleasant living for its users, announced Croatia GBC.

The conference was held under the special patronage of the President of the Republic, Zoran Milanović , and gathered around 1,000 participants.

Many national institutions, chambers, agencies, and associations provided support through patronage and active participation. Among them is the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP).

Margareta Zidar, the leading researcher at EIHP and chief designer of the building renovation, spoke about digital and green transformation in new market circumstances, the demands of pre-designing an office building to achieve nZEB standards, procedures and financing, the formation of the National Training Center for buildings almost zero energy and other plans with which we want to give our building a third life.

If she were to catch a goldfish, her three wishes for Croatia would be more investments, more sources of financing (and clear instructions on how to get to them), and simpler procedures - for involving citizens in the energy transition.

The entire report is available on the website of the nZEB Center.


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