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Successfully completed project for the Energy Community Secretariat on available cross-zonal transmission capacity (MACZT)

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, in cooperation with the company Uprise, successfully completed a project for the client Energy Community Secretariat, which included two workshops and a final study officially titled "Study on the 70% Target for Electricity Interconnection Capacities to be made available to Market Participants ".

The Study comprehensively calculates the transmission capacity that transmission system operators should make available to market participants according to Regulation (EU) 2019/943, Article 16(8). For the transmission systems of members of the Energy Community in Southwest and Eastern Europe (WB6+UA&MD), the current state of compliance with the Regulation was assessed, and structural congestion was detected accordingly. Additionally, the Study presents simulation results and expected capacity levels in 2027.

The main goals of the project were:

  1. Analyze the compliance of transmission system operators with the requirements of implementing a minimum of 70% transmission capacity for cross-zonal electricity trading, taking into account the differences in the applied budgeting methodology (NTC and Flow-based)
  2. Evaluate the adequacy of development plans
  3. Make recommendations for developing the transmission network in the considered countries to fulfil the demanding provisions of the Regulation.

You can download the Study HERE.


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