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REPLACE webinar: Support in business to installers/service companies

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar is organizing the webinar "Support in business to installers/service companies," which will be held as part of the REPLACE project on Thursday, March 9, 2023, online.

You can find a more detailed program and links for registration and participation in the webinar below:

The REPLACE project, implemented within the EU project Horizon 2020, aims to support European energy, climate, environmental, economic, and social goals until 2030 and 2050 by encouraging the gradual replacement of inefficient and old renewable heating and cooling systems. The project is aimed at consumers, investors/owners, and intermediaries (installers, chimney sweeps, and consultants) and helps them make informed decisions.

All activities included in the REPLACE project are aimed at informing and motivating end consumers to replace their old and inefficient heating and cooling devices with better, environmentally friendly alternatives that also have the advantages of money savings, improved air quality, comfort and security of energy supply (due to using locally available energy with stable prices from renewable sources). Replacing heating and cooling devices can increase the property's value because it is supplied with inexhaustible renewable energy.

Read more about the project HERE.


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