Transnational waste heat platform developed within the CE-HEAT Interreg Central Europe

The tools available on the website (www.waste-heat.eu)  allow the users to explore the waste heat energy potential in seven Central European regions, as well as to estimate potential for their regions/countries by using the manuals provided on the website.
Key tools for exploring the viability of waste heat recovery projects are the decision support system and waste heat calculator. Based on the energy data provided, the tools enable an algorithmic analysis of key technical and economic parameters and provide the user with the preliminary assessment of the project’s financial and technical viability in support of investment decisions.
Furthermore, the platform illuminates some of the best practice examples of waste heat recovery in Europe and provides policy, permit procedures and funding insight relevant in this arena, for seven European regions.
The platform is one of the key outputs of the European project CE-HEAT which is funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, programme that encourages cooperation on shared challenges in Central Europe.


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