Start of „Energy Efficiency and Conservation Promotion Financing Project“ in Bangladesh

In Dhaka, Bangladeshi capital, the contract between BIFFL (Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited) and the consulting consortium was signed. The consortium consists of EIHP, Young Consultants of Dhaka, and Japanese JDI (Japan Development Institute Ltd.), and the object of the contract is the multi-year „Energy Efficiency and Conservation Promotion Financing Project“. The objective is the technical assistance in the process of financing of Bangladesh energy sector from dedicated Japanese funds. The targeted recipients – energy consumption sectors – are industry and service sector, as well as others. The consortium will act on the capacity building for assessment and implementation of energy efficiency project financing, on the local experts training, and other activities. Bangladesh is the country of 160 million inhabitants, among poorer economies but with steep growth, and with growing energy demand, which puts contemporary energy issues in the foreground.


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